The Dragonslayer Tales

Dragon Valley


Mark Thomason


Comic Book #1

The Horde


The Comic Book Fantasy Club entered the backroom of Weird Dan’s Comic Shop and remained with their backs to the wall. Zang toyed with his new feather as he gazed across the table at an old man with a scraggly white beard wearing a knitted English cap perched slightly askew on his head. The old man’s eyes were shockingly deep blue behind rimless glasses. The four kids became silently aware that the promised Dragon Valley comics were not on the table.

Puzzled, Spider glanced over his shoulder at Weird Dan. “What gives?” He flipped his fingers through the bleached tips of his spiky brown hair, indicating to everyone that he was agitated.

The old man sitting at the table said, “Calm down and take a seat.” His deep voice thundered with authority. Silence descended into the room like a dampening fog as the four kids hastily chose chairs to face the old man. “What are your names?” he asked.

“I’m Spider. This is Bambi. That’s Spirit with the blue hair and Zang with the feather.”

“Are those your real names?”

“Our club names,” Spider answered. “Our real names belong to the real world.”


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